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Sins of the Flesh was crewed by only four people: Peter Kominek, Callahan New, Kohl Little Childs and Gunnar Seitinger.

All crew member except for sound recordist Gunnar Seitinger appear as actors in the film.

The film was shot in one studio and the church set was built in two days by director/producer Peter Kominek and assistant director Kohl Littlechilds.

All sets were built out of wood donated by Paul Hall. Some of the wood came from old palettes that producer Peter Kominek and his Father George Kominek broke apart over the course of 3 days.

The butcher shop set was built in the same space as the church set using the same wood. Actors Mitch Roelfsema, Tucker New, Brayden Scobie and Ryan Hayman helped crew members Peter Kominek, Kohl littlechilds and Callahan New along with Dylan Hopkins to tear down the church set and build the butcher shop the night before the butcher shop scenes were filmed.

The film was shot over eight days, after production each day director Peter Kominek would stay up and prepare for the next days shoot. Preparation tasks included watching dailies, building sets and creating props. Most nights Peter only slept for 3 hours and sometimes he even slept in the set.

Two pickup days were added the the films original six day schedule; one due to scheduling conflicts, one due to rain.

The directors father George Kominek appears in all of his movies.

Two days after production ended director Peter Kominek and director of photography Callahan New shot another short film but each doing the opposite role.

Production Stills are available in the GALLERY

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